Cat in Glass: And Other Tales of the Unnatural

Cat in Glass: And Other Tales of the Unnatural

ISBN: 0795309791

ISBN 13: 9780795309793

Publication Date: May 15, 2011

Publisher: RosettaBooks

Format: ebook

Author: Nancy Etchemendy

4.33 of 2

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The eight tales in this collection by Nancy Etchemendy weave great suspense with interesting plots and unusual characters. "Lunch at Etienne’s" is a story narrated by a woman who is surrounded by death but doesn’t seem to realize it. "Cat in Glass" is about a mysterious, malevolent sculpted cat that commits gruesome murders and is told from the point of view of the sculpture’s frightened and bewildered owner. There is also "The Sailor’s Bargain", a captivating story about an orphan whose haunting dreams lead to a stark revelation of another life, and "The Lily and the Weaver’s Heart", in which a one-eyed Jacinth dares to take her place in a cruel world by risking a journey that is usually reserved for the most able-bodied men of the culture.

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