Learning Curve (Life Lessons, #4)

Learning Curve (Life Lessons, #4)

Publication Date: September 06, 2013

Publisher: MLR Press

Pages: 370

Format: ebook

Author: Kaje Harper

4.28 of 1,615

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Mac is afraid he'll never recover enough to go back to being a cop, while Tony is afraid that he will.

Three months after being shot, Detective Jared MacLean is healing, but he's afraid it may not be enough to go back on the job. He won't give up, though. Being a cop is written deep in Mac’s bones, and he'll do whatever it takes to carry his badge again.

Tony used to wish he could have Mac safely home, but watching his strong husband battle disabilities is far from Tony's dream come true. When Mac is asked to consult on a case involving one of Tony's students, both men will have to face old demons and new fears to find a way to move forward together.

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